Swap & Shop: Small Project Parts Needed

Good Morning Everyone >>>

     I am working on a number of projects for other hams and electronics newcomers, and I need a few parts that I don’t have in stock here (surprising, but true!)  If you can help out, please let me know.  Also, please post my request(s) on your local Swap & Shop bulletin board or e-mail distribution list.  All of my contact information is correct on my webpage.  So here we go:

A.)  Small open-frame power transformer with 2.5″ center-to-center spacing on the mounting tabs.  Line AC in and 9 to 12 VAC out.  The output voltage not critical; I’m rebuilding an outboard powered speaker amp for a kid’s laptop.

B.)  One or more approximately 15-amp 8AG fuses to repair an overseas voltage converter setup.  (Those are the short ones – 3AG is the standard length.)

C.)  A single-hole panel-mounted circuit breaker with either screw or solder lugs.  A few days ago I repaired a 20-amp power supply (see attached photos) to give to a youngster who recently upgraded to General for his donated 100-watt HF station.  Several hams pointed out that my replacement 15-amp CB would trip before the PS reached its limit.  True enough – it’s all I had in stock!

                                                                 Thanks and 73,

                                                                 Craig, KL7H

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