Hillside LoRa gateway continues to perform

You may have seen the club’s LoRaWAN gateway installation post at our Hillside South antenna site last year. With over a year of data, we are happy to report that gateway continues to perform above expectations, servicing the majority of the Anchorage area with connectivity to TheThingsNetwork. For those not familiar with LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network), each gateway can serve hundreds of devices, providing low bandwidth bi-directional communication perfect for applications like weather monitoring, tracking of vehicles or equipment, or even providing connectivity for endpoints like parking meters and vending machines.


The primary KL7AA LoRaWAN gateway has a receive sensitivity of -128dBm, operating between 903 and 927 MHz with maximum transmit power at 361mW (although this is de-rated to compensate for the high-gain antenna installed on the gateway). You can view the coverage of the gateway on TTNMapper.

KL7AA Hillside South LoRa Gateway radar plot
KL7AA Hillside South LoRa Gateway radar plot

If you’re interested in learning more about LoRa, please contact us! If you find the LoRa coverage across Anchorage to be valuable, consider making a donation to support expanding our coverage area.