Big Turn Out for Working Wednesday – THANKS!

Which one is Tally the dog?

Wow!  Big turnout tonight at working Wednesday!  We didn’t get a firm count, but best guess is that we had at least 13 folks present, plus our trusty mascot, Tally the dog!

We never get as much done as we want, but we did pretty good tonight.  Tasks done included:

  • Disposal of some very old club records
  • Configuration of the front office Kenwood D-710 to work properly on packet (Winlink)
  • Moved the existing KL7AA-10 VHF RMS on 144.98 MHz and connected it to port 1 on the Kantronics 9612+ TNC currently operating the 223.66 MHz KL7AA-10 RMS on port 2. We now have the dual port 9612+ doing its job, with both ports active as KL7AA-10.  Freq 144.98 is 1200 baud and 223.66 is 9600 baud.  These two RMSs are LOCAL only, meaning they are designed to focus on EMCOMM work.  When you place a message on either of them, the traffic is synced over the MESH network, and can be pulled down from any system/RMS that is synced on the MESH.  I’ll try to give a clearer explanation later, but trust me, THIS IS COOL!  Give it a shot on Winlink!  If you’re unsure of what to do, give me a call!
  • We located the elusive missing hardware for the Cuscraft A3S tribander destined for the Anchorage Senior Center. Hey Sid!  We’re ready to go!
  • Several radios were flashed with the current Anchorage Frequency Utilization Plan (FUP) Rev 4.
  • We also discussed the F-350 pickup back-rack wiring options and came close to a solution.

If you were at Working Wednesday tonight, THANK YOU, and we hope to see you next week!.  If you weren’t there, think about stopping by.  There is truly much to be done!


Kent, KL5T