Working Wednesday’s…What are we doing?

Working Wednesdays are busy nights at the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC).  To give a sense of what we’re up to, here’s a partial list of the happenings from last night’s work…..I might not hit everything!  This is just a list….not in any priority or time order:

  1. Replaced the defective HF Robust Packet transceiver.
  2. Troubleshot the defective HF Robust Packet transceiver for possible repair.
  3. Engineered a plan for 12VDC battery power distribution in the operations area
  4. Built up a new multiband HF 5-band dipole antenna
  5. Got a new printer/scanner/fax machine working
  6. Engineered a plan for installation of our satellite station then located all the pieces and parts (that satellite station has been waiting for reinstall since we moved into the RSOC).
  7. Tooled up for MT63 operations a two HF operating positions.
  8. Tested an oscilloscope
  9. Moved several power supplies into basement storage
  10. Checked into the Sniper’s Net
  11. Located the needed equipment for installation of an SGC 500 watt HF amplifier
  12. Fixed issues with our network relating to easy MESH access

That’s probably not all that happened, but we were certainly busy.

Come on out on Working Wednesdays from about 6 PM to 9 PM or Saturdays from about 10 AM to 2 PM to see what’s going on at the place, give a hand, or to work on your favorite project.


Kent, KL5T
Vice President