Alaska Section Manager Statement, January 1, 2024 Term, David Stevens, KL7EB

The following statement was provided by candidate David Stevens, KL7EB, to the ARRL for the upcoming Alaska Section Manager Election.

David Stevens, KL7EB, extra class Amateur and 40 plus years a Life Member of American Relay Radio League. COVID has changed our lives. It made Zoom meeting a must. With the ham population getting older, we have seen many of our mentors pass a way. I would like to make the most I can for Amateur Radio.

I would like to see more upgrades. Expand privilege for Technician on Digital HF so they can be more helpful in emergency and ARES. I will promote contesting, and DXing. I admire NL7S and KL7TC for Getting to the Honor Roll of 330 countries. I want Alaska’s to put Island in Air, IOA, Moon bounce, and other diverse parts of our hobby. I would like to see more WAS (Worked All States), 10-10 awards, and High Altitude Balloon lunches.

ARRL has spent two years updating and improving their web site. We need more Radio Science Operating Center like Anchorages around the state. Some of my greatest trills was each time I helped a disabled ham fix his tower and high SWR. The smile on their faces is still priceless.

As section manager in 1984 I saw expanded voice privileges on HF thanks to support of Juneau hams.  Later the FCC turned primary monitoring over to amateurs, as well as started Voluntarily Examining program. I was Iditarod Chief of communications with the 2003 restart in Fairbanks I am excited to help amateur radio into the next generation. Please share your concerns and desires so I can help you. Please vote for David Stevens, is a vote for your future.