Complete Station for Sale – KL7QY

This equipment was all bought new by myself and is one owner. All in great condition, but hasn’t been fired up in many years though was running 100% when I gave up the hobby. There are several items and I wish to sell all items except the Henry Amp as one block(a complete station setup) Following are the station components:

TS 830s(Kenwood)transceiver
VFO 230(Kenwood)
PC1 Phone Patch(Kenwood)
AT 230 Antenna Tuner(Kenwood)
SM 220 Station Monitor(Kenwood)
World Clock(Kenwood)
External Speaker(Kenwood)
Mirage MP 1 Watt meter
Astron RS 20 M Power Supply
Ham key
Dry dummy load
Asking $1,600 for the complete station listed above.

Separate Item:
Henry 3 K Classic floor counsel model…asking $2,200

I do not wish to break up the station and sell individual items.  So, the entire station components(less the Henry Amp)is an all or none proposition. I will sell the Amp separately, but if someone wants the entire works I’ll sell for 3500.00

Click here to see images of the items for sale.

Contact: Sherman Reynolds(KL7QY)…inactive.

All items are located in Anchorage
Phone: 907-317-3617