New Anchorage KL7AA HF/VHF Winlink RMS Active (Pactor, VARA, FM VARA)

The new Anchorage area Winlink HF/VHF RMS is up and operational for testing. It is currently installed at the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC). It will eventually be deployed to anothr location very close to Anchorage International Airport once it is fully configured and breakup has cleared.

THE PARTICULARS – The system includes an HF RMS and a VHF RMS operated as “KL7AA”

The HF RMS: The HF RMS is capable of BOTH Pactor 3 and 4 connections AND VARA connections. It is currently set to operate on 80 and 40 meters. Once in its final location, it will also likely include 60-, 30-, and 20-meter frequencies. Check your Winlink Express “Channel” list for current frequencies.

The VHF RMS operates on FM VARA. The current frequency is 144.97 MHz. This is the first FM VARA RMS in Alaska (as far as we know). A new frequency may be selected in coming weeks.

Our internal testing of both systems suggests excellent performance and throughput.

We encourage ALL users to “exercise” the HF and VHF components on the system. Please let us know if you note any anomalies with the system. If you DO connect to the system, please send a Winlink message to KL7AA through the system.

We are still making “tweaks” to both systems. There may be periodic downtimes as well due to other operations that may be occurring at the RSOC.

Thanks to everyone on the team for all their efforts to get this project on the air:
KL7TS – TJ Shefflield
KL2AZ – Richard Tweet
N9AIG – Dave Webb (Batman)
KL7MM – Keith Clark
KL5T – Kent Petty