Silent Key Equipment Sale – Handled by N7PLF

From Jon Schumacher, K1NV —————-

I just talked to Richard Roberts, N7PLF, who is handling the sale of equipment for a Las Vegas silent key. He would like to get a reasonable price for the items if possible. He lives in Pahrump and you can contact him at 1-702-540-9034 for further details.

Here is a partial list as reported by Richard:

Handheld radios most with manuals

(1) Yaesu VX-5, (1) Kenwood THD72A, (1) ICOM IC-V8 (ruggedized 2M), (1) Baofeng, (1) Motorola MTS-2000 w. mic.  Includes manuals and programming accessories, etc.

(1) ICOM 208-H dual-band mobile FM and Comet 770 Base Station antenna

(1) Ameritron amplifier AL-811 with spare 811 tube

Various power supplies-All 13 volt regulated (2) 20amp+ and (1)Astron 10 amp

(1) Antenna 40M-10M vertical, GAP Titan II (still in LV)

Miscellaneous accessories:

Coil of RG-8X coax and other lengths of cable

Bags of connectors and miscellaneous parts

Numerous test equipment items such as digital voltmeters and specialty items

Richard also has the following for sale:

(1) Kenwood TS-811A multi-mode UHF transceiver

(1) Yaesu FT-897D HF/VHF/UHF transceiver