VHF and UHF Low Noise Preamps For Sale

Merry Christmas Specials:

I have restored two ARR 144-MHz preamps using NE334-S01 PHMET devices
with results:
#1 – 0.18 dB NF, 25.65 dB gain, draws 10ma at 12.5v
#2 – 0.344 dB NF, 24.72 dB gain, draws 10ma at 12.5v
Normally the P144VDG exhibits 0.50 dB NF using a mgf-1302

Both have BNC input and output; no TR relays
Each for $25.00 (Free shipping inside the US)
For both $42.00 (Free shipping in one box inside the US)

#3 – 0.52 dB NF, 16.56 dB gain, draws 35ma.  This is an older DEMI
432-MHz preamp in diecast aluminum box with NF connectors.
$20 (Free shipping inside the US)

I take PayPal or check (you wait two weeks for check to clear)

Preamps tested with HP8970B Noise Figure Meter and Maury MT7618L
Noise Source (not in calibration).

73, Ed – KL7UW