W1AW/KL7 VOTA Activation

KL7AA activated the W1AW/KL7 Portable VOTA Activation from November 15th to the 22nd. 3225 contacts were credited to the activation using CW, Voice, and Digital modes. Many of the contacts were made at the KL7AA Radio Science and Operating Center (RSOC) club station along with individuals operating from other locations. Thanks to Corliss Kimmel AL1G, Steve Bloom KL7SB, Bill Hunstein KL7TC, TJ Sheffield KL7TS, Kent Petty KL5T and Keith Clark KL7MM for making this activation a great success.

Operations from the RSOC were initially questionable with the rain, snow, and winds just prior to the event. Ice loading caused a MAXGAIN mast to fail which dropped 3 of the club’s wire antennas.  Many thanks to TJ Sheffield KL7TS for making repairs to the installation allowing for all antennas at the RSOC to be operational during the event.

The 2023 W1AW/xx activations are held 2 times per State with Steve Bloom KL7SB activating W1AW/KL7 first in May prior to our November activation.

Comments on the Alaska activation from the ARRL included:

“A big THANK YOU to you and your fellow club members for taking on W1AW/KL7 for VOTA.  I sincerely appreciate it!”

“… THANK YOU Richard and all that played along.

Great effort.

Just about every time I checked the cluster your ops were on including Sweeps.”

Again, thanks to all who participated during this weeklong event.


Richard Tweet KL2AZ, President