Wanna Make a Blog Post and Make the Newsletter?

By: Kent Petty
May 16, 2022

We welcome contributions of “content” to our website blog and newsletter. In case you hadn’t noticed, anything that lands on the website’s blog also gets published in our newsletter. Oh, yes, and it also gets pushed out to our Facebook page and Twitter pages. Further, members receive an e-mail to let them know about the post, and we even send out a notice on the KL7AA reflector to let folks know about it.

That said, if you’d like to make a post/article on something you find interesting yourself and believe it might be useful for other members of the club, please send your writeup to Include photos, etc. if you’d like, but please try to have them appropriately sized (compressed).

We’ll review your submission, and so long it is focused on the many facets of our hobby, not offensive, etc., etc., we will be happy to publish it.

Thanks and 73