Alaska Region Administrator Steps Up

From:  Chris Hamman, KL5BF

Recently, posted that they were looking for a local admin for the Alaska region, someone with connections who would jump on board and take the bull by the horns if you will.  So I decided that I would be willing to step up and apply for it.  They have enthusiastically accepted me for the role.

Now what I need from you.  If you have updates for a repeater, please submit them through the system, otherwise, we have no tracking data for updates to be applied.  You must be logged in, and select the repeater that you are the trustee for, which needs an update.  On the blue bar, select submit update and you can edit the repeater.  When you submit an update I will make sure that you are credited with the update.  We only accept updates on repeaters from the trustee.  

Signal reports can be submitted by anyone signed on.  And the more I know who you are by association, the better off I will be able to trust the reports.  We do not want pollution in the database.  So if you can get the repeater trustee or a club officer to confirm your contact details with me, that will go a long way toward my being able to accept your inputs for signal reports.