Anchorage 220 MHz Repeater Status Clarification

By: Kent Petty, KL5T
Written: April 23, 2022

I mentioned in a post on April 20, 2022 that the new Anchorage Repeater was up for testing purposes and asked that users give it a go.

It seems some of our users don’t seem to understand that the repeater is currently installed at the RSOC (6721 Raspberry Road) and is running at a reduced power setting. There have been observations that the coverage “is not as good as it used to be”. This, of course, is expected given the repeater’s current location and power setting.

We should be relocating the repeater to its new home at our Hillside South site, hosted by KL7QN. The repeater should have similar coverage to what it had when installed at our Glen Alps site.

So all, please be patient until we finish the shakedown cruise of the repeater to make sure we have the settings the way we want them before we deploy it.