Callsigns for Emcomm Served Agencies Issued

Two new callsigns have been issued by the FCC that we will used for Emcomm purposes in the Anchorage Area.  The new callsigns are “KL7NMC”, for the Alaska Native Medical Center, and “KL7SAC” for the Anchorage Senior Activities Center.

The purpose of having these callsigns is to help alleviate confusion if/when these served agencies are active for exercise or real-world events.

Following is a summary of the other “Emcomm” related callsigns assigned to specific resources or served agencies in Anchorage:

KL7AEC – Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Operations Center
KL7ARC – American Red Cross, Anchorage
KL7EOC – State of Alaska Emergency Operations Center
KL7MTV – Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Heavy Mobile Assets (MTV, Pickup, Tower/Power Trailers)
KL7NMC – Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC Hospital and Tuttle Warehouse)
KL7PMC – Providence Alaska Medical Center
KL7SAC – Anchorage Senior Activities Center
KL7SAR – Anchorage Search and Rescue Cache

As a result of the issuance of KL7NMC, the callsign of the Anchorage HF RMS will likely be changed in the very near future to KL7NMC.  The same will be true of the current KL7AA-10 VHF RMS operating on 144.97 MHz.

If you live in the Municipality of Anchorage anywhere from Portage to Eklutna, and you haven’t registered for Anchorage ARES, please do so by clicking here.   By registering, we’ll be more able to keep you informed of important events and information relative to ARES in Anchorage. 

Further, we are in desperate need for folks to get involved and to be assigned to teams.  Click here to see current ARES team assignments and availabilities.


Kent Petty, KL5T
District Emergency Coordinator, Anchorage
Amateur Radio Emergency Service