Dec 1, General Meeting / Holiday Party

Be sure you’re ready for the AARC December meeting/Annual Christmas Party. The location is at the usual APU Campus location, 4225 University Drive, Anchorage, AK. We will have an “ugly” or cute Christmas shirt/sweater/hoody contest. There will be special points given for “electronics” used.

Also at the December meeting will be a gift swap. To participate, you must bring a wrapped gift, suggested value between $15-25. Please no white elephant or get rid of your unwanted junk gifts.

Due to budgetary constraints, the food this year will be a potluck of “finger foods”. Based on your last name, please bring either “savory” or “sweet” finger foods. Please Do Not bring anything that requires a spoon or fork (there will only be plates, no spoons or forks). A-L please bring “savory “

items. M-Z please bring “sweet” items. The club will supply plates, napkins, water and an assortment of sodas.