Equipment Check Out / Check In Page Updated – Assistant Equipment Manager Named

The club website has been updated to allow members who have borrowed equipment to use the same form on the website to let us know the equipment has been returned.  The former “Check Equipment Out” form has been updated to also accommodate “Checking In” equipment.  The form also allows the member to describe any defects with the equipment, and adjustments that are needed, or any consumables that need to be replaced.  Click Here to see the current form

This updates the equipment “Return” procedure which asked members to simply send the Equipment Manager an e-mail to let us know it is returned.

Please remember that when you borrow equipment from the club, you assume full responsibility for the equipment and are therefore responsible for any repair costs as well as the cost to replace any consumables used.

On another note, Tyler Lime, KL4RN, has been named by the AARC Board of Directors as the club’s Assistant Equipment Manager.  Tyler has worked hard for the club for a couple years now, especially after getting his call about a year ago.  He does great work and has really helped us get the place organized.  You can count on Tyler to be there for whatever is needed.  This past Saturday, he programmed new memory channels into our batch of Motorola CDM1250 radios.  Tyler’s involvement demonstrates youth in action at our club.  Thanks Tyler!

Please drop a note to with any questions.


Kent Petty, KL5T
Equipment Manager