New Anchorage 220 MHz Repeater Up for Testing

By: Kent Petty, KL5T
Written: April 20, 2022

Back at the end of October of 2021 we ended up “losing” all three of our repeaters at our South Anchorage Glen Alps site due to some kind of power surge. We managed to get the 2-meter and 440 machines back on the air fairly quickly, but the 220 machine had more extensive issues. We decided to purchase a new 220 repeater from Bridgecom through the donations of several very generous members.

The new repeater has been in hand for a while now just waiting for final programming. We retrieved the cavity filters from the Glen Alps site for the 220 repeater last week and made a visit with Mike, KL6M to check them out as we wanted to make sure they were properly configured. Mike did a quick check and confirmed they were optimized. Since then, we put the new 220 repeater on the bench, programmed it, and installed it at the RSOC for “burn-in” testing.

For those of you with 220 MHz capability, please try to work the 220 repeater to test it out. Let us know how it seems to be working. If all seems well, we will haul it up to our Hillside South site and install it there with a new antenna that was donated to us by the EARS Club (thank you EARS!).

Repeater info is as follows:
Repeater Output (TX) Frequency: 224.94 MHz
Repeater Input (RX) Frequency: 223.34 MHz
Tone: None

Thanks for checking it out!