New Anchorage Senior Center Radio Station POC Needed

Hi all,

Sid Atwood, KL7SID, has served as our Anchorage Senior Center Emergency Coordinator for quite some time.  Unfortunately, life changes have forced Sid to step away from this position. We understand Sid, and thank you for your service and wish you and your family well. This is the nature of the amateur radio hobby, and it needs to take second chair when other priorities drive the train!

That said, we are in need of a new individual to be our primary Point of Contact for the Anchorage Senior Center amateur radio station. Are you a participant at the facility or know someone who is? If so, we ask you to please step up or refer someone to us so that we can keep this station alive.

Please contact if you are able.


Kent Petty, KL5T, Emergency Coordinator
Anchorage Amateur Radio Club
Radio Science and Operations Center