Open House Report

Our open house continues tomorrow, Sunday, April 22 from 9 am until 4 pm.

Thanks to all who have worked so hard to have our new club space clean and presentable for our open house. We have received nice comments on how presentable our space has been.

We had a small trickle of guests throughout Friday and Saturday. We had at least two guests who came as a result of the flyers at the home school event; these guests came as families with children. We had several hams visit as a result of driving by our station and seeing our sign.  We had several guests who came as a result of individual, personal invitations from one of our members. Guests on both days included some VIP-level people.

One more day. Be sure to talk about our open house among your family, friends and acquaintances. We hope to see you and your guest(s) tomorrow.

Dennis, WL7AQ

Chair, Fundraising Committee