RSOC Working Wednesday Progress – DC to Daylight!

On Working Wednesday, April 11, TJ, Tom, Matt, Kevin, Brandon, and others had a fun time getting an Icom IC-910 and a Yaesu FT-857 ready to go. If you haven’t made it to the Wednesday and Saturday sessions you’re missing out!

These rigs will give “DC to daylight” capability to the RSOC, and will be perfect for VHF contests, satellite operating, packet, and emcom use. The plan is to put these stations on the air for the June VHF Contest, and ALL members are welcome to stop by and try them out.

Progress so far:

  • Set up power supply and distribution,
  • Started a station book for each radio (printed manual, log pages, and band plans),
  • Hooked up microphones and other hardware,
  • Performed preliminary function testing.

Don’t forget . . . BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! If you’re wondering what to do with your Tech license then drop by, ask questions, and see just what happens on the bands above 50.

Next Wednesday there will be more function testing, station assembly, and general goofing about. If you want help learning how to set up a first class VHF/UHF station then drop by. Be careful though . . . you might find it addictive!

Brandon, KL7BSC