Vanity Callsign Confusion – Notice of Dismissals? – DON’T PANIC

By: Kent Petty, KL5T Chairman, Anchorage ARC VEC
Date: May 10, 2022

What happens to your old callsign when you are assigned your new Vanity callsign? Well, what you would expect to happen….it is canceled by the FCC.

You will ALSO likely receive an e-mail from the FCC with the subject line:

FCC Dismissal of Application FN 0001112222

What is this all about? By the way, the “FN 0001112222” means “application File Number, then the 10-digit application number of your old license application for your old callsign….the one I provided here is just a fake”.

The body of the email will read something like this (I’ve used fake names, FRN, file number, and callsign):

Applicant Name: John Doe
FRN: 0009998888
File Number: 0001112222
Call Sign: KL9WWW

This email is to notify you that the above referenced application was dismissed on 05/10/2022.

Your official dismissal letter, which includes the reason for your dismissal, is attached as a courtesy.

The link below provides access to the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS), which provides the full range of available licensing tools, including application search, license search and online filing:

If you require assistance or have questions regarding this application, please contact the ULS Licensing Support Center at (877) 480-3201, Option 2; TTY (717) 338-2824, or via the web at

Please do not respond to this e-mail, as this mailbox is not regularly monitored.


Federal Communications Commission

The attached letter will look something like this:

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau


Date: 05/10/2022
Reference Number: 6666666
File No.: 0001112222
Radio Service: HA
Call Sign: KL9WWW
Market Area:
FAC #:


Your application is in a dismissal status effective 05/07/2022 without prejudice in accordance with Section 1.934 of the Commission’s Rules for the reason(s) indicated below. If you still wish to be licensed, you must file a new application, pay applicable fees, and include all required showings. If you currently hold a valid license, you may
continue to operate under the parameters of that authorization.

If you are currently operating under authority provided by the Commission’s Rules based on your submission of the above referenced application, you must immediately cease operation until such time as you come into compliance with the Rules.

Electronic filing is required. For information on how to file an application electronically, visit the website at For additional assistance, you may visit the website at You may also call the FCC at (877) 480-3201 (TTY 717-338-2824). To provide quality service and ensure security, all telephone calls are recorded.

The application was not amended within 60 days of the date shown on the Notice of Application Return letter; therefore, this application is hereby dismissed.

Pretty scary, right?  And confusing, right? NOT TO WORRY. What this all boils down to is the simple fact that your OLD callsign is canceled. If you do a callsign lookup on the ULS with your current Vanity callsign, you’ll find that it is (or should be) still active and valid.  Here is a good link to look up your callsign:

I have had more than one telephone call from concerned applicants thinking that all of their license privileges have been revoked. That’s not the case, all should be well.

Happy operating…..73