FCC Solves License Application Problem

By: Kent Petty, KL5T, Chairman, Anchorage ARC VEC
Date: May 10, 2022

The FCC advised all Volunteer Examiners on Monday, May 10, 2022, that they have solved the technical issues with the Universal Licensing System (ULS) Electronic Batch Filing (EBF) system and process, and that EBF filing could resume. We immediately submitted the dozens of applications we had held and each seemed to process successfully. We know that the applicants are indeed receiving their e-mail message from the FCC directing them to pay their application fee and they most of the pending applicants have paid and had their callsigns issued.

As a reminder, once the FCC receives an application requiring payment of the $35 fee, the applicant has 10 days to make this payment or the application will be “set aside”, which effectively means it is canceled.

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