W1AW/KL7 operating possibilities


Your Anchorage Amateur Radio Club will be operating the Volunteers on the Air (VOTA) station W1AW/KL7 from 0000Z on November 15th through 2359Z on November 22. Anyone wishing to operate as a W1AW/KL7 station, please contact for scheduling. We are looking for 2-hour commitments for operating on Phone, CW, and Digital modes. One important note:

Important:  No more than one station can be on any band/mode at the same time. That  means only    three (3) stations can be on the air from your activation on a single band at a given  time (e.g., just one  station can be on 20m SSB, or 20m CW, or 20m Digital). 

Full operational operating rules are available at  For anyone interested, I will send the information I have to date.  

Let’s make this a fun event!


Richard Tweet KL2AZ

AARC President