Great Alaska ShakeOut 2018

The Anchorage Area ARES group and Anchorage Amateur Radio Club ask for your participation in the The Great Alaska ShakeOut “Earthquake Drill”, tomorrow, October 18, 2018 at 10:18 a.m.

We will activate the 147.30/90 repeater (input tone 141.3) at 10:18 with the following announcement:

 “This is the Great Alaska ShakeOut exercise, Please pretend shaking has begun, please Drop, Cover, and Hold On. This is an exercise.”

At approximately 10:19 am, we will advise that shaking has stopped, and will activate the Anchorage ARES net on 147.30/90 with KL7AA as net control at the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC) and request checkins. We will ask you to report your nearest cross street, and identify the most prominent major infrastructure in your near vicinity, such as a bridge, overpass, electrical substation, municipal water storage tank, airport, railroad crossing, etc. We will also activate an Anchorage simplex VHF net on 146.49 MHz. If you are on APRS, please expect to see a bulletin pushed out advising you to either tune to the repeater or simplex net to make your report, or to simply send in your report via APRS messaging to KL7AA-11 if you are able.

We have registered as a group with The Great Alaska ShakeOut so we appreciate your participation. Please check out their website at for more information, including how you can best be prepared for an earthquake.

If you are not yet “registered” with Anchorage ARES, and reside or work in the Municipality of Anchorage, please register here so that you can receive important updates about all things ARES.

Lastly, we need another operator or two at the RSOC tomorrow to help with this exercise. If you can assist, please send an e-mail to


Kent Petty, KL5T
District Emergency Coordinator
Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Anchorage