2018 CQ WW VHF Contest

Didn’t get enough VHF action during the June contest? Itching to try your hand at simplex work? Wanting to test emergency gear? Now is your chance to get back in the game, because the 2018 CQ WW VHF contest is here!

This is a straightforward and fun event using only the 2 M and 6 M bands. You can operate from home, climb a peak, run QRP, or go mobile as a rover.

Contests are a great way to test gear, practice for emergencies or just plain have fun. Let’s light up the VHF bands again this summer!


Time: Saturday, 7/21 at 1000 to Sunday, 7/22 at 1300 (local time)

Bands: 2 M and 6 M only (146.520 not allowed. Suggest 146.58 instead)

Exchange: Maidenhead grid locator (4 characters) and call sign

Categories: Single operator – all band, Single operator – single band, Single operator – all band QRP, Hilltopper, Rover, Multi-op

Modes: Any (mostly voice is used)

Score: 1 point per 6 M contact, 2 points for 2 M contacts.

Multipliers: Number of unique grid squares worked per band

From Brandon Clark:

The June event was great fun, so I’ll be helping stir up VHF activity in the area again. On July 21st I’ll be a Hilltopper (backpack portable) station in the Mt. Magnificent area. I’ll be able to reach everywhere from the peninsula up through Anchorage and as far north as Talkeetna.

I’ll be on the air from 1030 to 1630 local time, and will work both 2 M and 6 M.

This contest doesn’t allow using 146.52, so I’ll be using the following frequencies:

6 M: 50.125-SSB, 50.3-FM2

2 M: 144.2-SSB, 146.58-FM (AK VHF+ Freq. –

I’m also hoping to activate two never-before-activated peaks for the Summits on the Air (SOTA) program that day. If anyone wants to come along hiking, go rovering, or just wants some guidance on getting started with simplex feel free to contact me.