VHF Contest Time!

The ARRL September VHF Contest is coming up soon, so let’s show off what Alaskans can do!

This event uses any/all VHF/UHF bands, so it’s a great time to try new gear, antennas, and modes. You can enter as a home station, set up on a high point as a portable entry, or use your mobile unit to join in as a rover.

The casual operators will have fun handing out contacts. Emergency preparedness groups can use the jump in activity to test simplex capabilities. Or, if you’re the competitive type you can always throw together some WA5VJB yagis and chase a new personal best score!

The contest starts Saturday, September 8th, at 1000 local time. It ends Sunday afternoon. So dust off those yagis, set up for satellites, and fire up the moonbounce gear, because VHF is coming back to Alaska!


Brandon, KL7BSC