A Look Back – Anchorage ARC VEC – 1984

The following is an extract about Wilse Morgan, WX7P (formerly KL7CQ) from the Spokane DX Association ( and the Anchorage ARC VEC — The publication date is unclear, but was likely sometime in 2013.

Note:  Sadly, Wilse passed away on June 13, 2013

1984: Volunteer Examiner Program

In 1979, Wilse Morgan, KL7CQ wrote a letter on behalf of AARC to the FCC to become the first Volunteer Examiner in the country. 1983, He made a proposal to the FCC for the Volunteer Examiner program.

Wilse was the first certified VE in the country, and on April 14, 1984 AARC was approved as the FIRST VEC COORDINATOR PROGRAM in the nation. In 1984, the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club through the leadership of Wilse Morgan, KL7CQ the Federal Communications Commission appointed the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club as its first volunteer examiner coordinator (VEC) in the United States. This program authorized [on] December 1, 1983, allowed examinations for amateur radio operator licenses to be given by volunteer examiners drawn from the private sector. VE accredit volunteers administer the examinations and coordinate the entire program in a specific region. The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club was appointed the VEC for the State of Alaska, FCC Region 11. Today, the AARC VEC still plays an active role in the national NCVEC program through development of the Question pools used on the examinations and the AARC VEC continues to maintain the majority of the VE Examinations offered in Alaska. These programs are offered free of costs to all participating operators. The program has also been trying to prototype an online internet testing program to be available to remote Alaska.

Wilse and Gimmie with niece Anna Lee and her boys in Alaska at 2008 Ham conference in Anchorage