Another Look Back, and Forward, K1ZAT/NL7 — W1JD

This article is targeted at our current team of 122 credentialed Volunteer Examiners (VEs), but hopefully, some others in the club remember this important individual. JD is currently CRITICALLY involved in our VEC program and was one of our original VEs. I stumbled across this nice little piece of recognition from an AARC Newsletter from February of 1984. JD, Thanks for your 40+ years of service to our club and 60+ years of service to the amateur community!

The following is an excerpt from that February 1984 AARC Newsletter….

*** H  A  M   OF   T  H  E      Y  E  A  R ***

     JD Delancy, K1ZAT/NL7 was selected as the AARC “Ham of the Year for 1983” during the general membership meeting on 6 Jan 84. The selection for this honor is made thru a closed ballot vote without nominations or campaign speeches. The selection represents the spontaneous feeling of the general membership towards an individual and his/her contributions to the club.
     JD has been involved in the AARC since he first arrived in Anchorage in January 1980. He fully supports all public service events that the AARC is involved in. The annual Messages-to-Mom project and the Iditarod dog sled race are examples of involvement. During the 1983 Mothers Day message project JD processed and transmitted over 1,600 of the approximately 3,000 messages collected.
     JD is the older of an Extra Class license and has held an amateur license, with the same callsign, since 1961. He is a member of the Armed Forces with over 18 years active service in the Air Force and is a member of the AARC Board of Directors. JD is one of the control operators for the KL7AA repeaters and was the spark plug behind the establishment of the only open 220 Mhz repeater in Alaska. His contributions to the club and its activities reflect great credit upon himself and the AARC, and this is reinforced by your selection of him for the HAM OF THE YEAR award.


Wilse G. Morgan, KL7CQ