AARC Challenge Coin – Pick Your Coin # Offering Status

We’ve had quite a few folks pick out their favorite coin number during our initial offering of the beautiful AARC / RSOC challenge coins. There are still a few excellent numbers available including:

#047 – The year the club was formed (1947)
#088 – “hugs” or “hugs and kisses”

The lowest serial number currently available is #005.

I’ve updated the selection offering so that only those coins currently available are on the drop-down list. The cost to purchase the coin number of your choice is $100. However, we will only let this premium offer run for a couple more days. After that, the coin price will revert to $20 but the coins will be issued out in sequence (in other words, you won’t be able to pick your desired serial number).

The coins:
Size: 2-inch diameter
Front: AARC graphics
Rear: RSOC graphics
Total coins produced: 100 (serial numbers 001 through 100)

The artwork for these coins was designed by one of your Board members, Riley Petty, KL4RP.

All coins will be mailed via USPS unless you wish to pick them up at the RSOC. If you wish to pick up your coin at the RSOC, please be sure to send an e-mail to promptly after your purchase so your coins will indeed be held for pickup.

If you elect to pick up your coin at the RSOC, you can stop by the RSOC on Wednesday mornings from 0700 – 1100, Wednesday evenings from 1800 – 2100, or Saturdays from 0900 – 1200.

Click here to purchase your coin!