Amateur Radio Elmers and AARC

We all know the importance of mentorship, and in our world of amateur radio we call those mentors “Elmers”. The ARRL defines ad Elmer as:

“Someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams”.

I saw a better definition provided by Joe Sammartino, N2QOJ of the Queen Creek Amateur Radio Club of Queen Creek, Arizona:

Elmer – “Someone who provides personal guidance and assistance to would-be hams and also to hams that are seeking personal assistance in specific areas of the amateur radio hobby.” N2QOJ

Willing to be an Elmer is really a way to “Give Back” to the hobby, and could also be viewed as a way to “Pay It Forward”. I have sure had a long list of Elmers in my amateur radio “career”, and even though I’m an Extra class operator, I still have LOTS to learn, and learn I do, everyday, from fellow hams I consider “Elmers”.

That said, we’ve made a lot of noise in the past about being Elmers and providing Elmers, but it seems as though there is a great opportunity to get a bit more organized in this regard. I’d like to start an “Elmer Registry”. The Elmer Registry will include HAMS (and non-hams) who are willing to indeed be Elmers to new and existing amateurs and will list the Elmer’s areas of expertise. Elmers might then be queried by new or prospective amateurs to help them out on their journey into amateur radio.

If you are willing to join the cadre of Elmers, please CLICK HERE to fill out our Elmer registration form.

If you need an Elmer, CLICK HERE to get to a listing of our Elmers.

Thanks and 73,

Kent, KL5T