Radio Club Info Page Added to Anchorage ARC Website

The Anchorage ARC has added a radio club information page to its website. The page is focused on providing a listing of radio clubs in Alaska, but any club that wishes to be listed can submit their information to be listed.

How to get your club listed? Simply fill out an online form. Within a few days your club’s information should be listed on our page. You can view the current page by clicking here. You can submit the form to list or update your club’s information by clicking here.

Please note that we will be listing an “as of date” on the table that lists your club. We will ask that club’s update their information periodically, so it is possible that you may receive an e-mail from us at the e-mail address you list for your page down the road. Please be sure that the e-mail address you provide is good and is attended to so that those wishing to contact you will have success!

Thanks for participating!