Anchorage DMR Repeater Down for Troubleshooting

By: Kent Petty, KL5T
February 24, 2021

There have been reception issues with the AARC DMR hillside repeater (444.2+) for some time now.  Kevin Opalka (KL1V) and Kent Petty (KL5T) made a site visit today to see if they could nail down the issue. 

After a good trudge through the thigh-deep snow, we got into the comm shack.  We did a physical inspection of all the hardware then analyzed the antenna system.  All checked good so it appears the receiver has lost its sensitivity.  We pulled the gear out of the site so that we can put it on the bench to see if we can confirm the issue and come up with a solution.

Obviously, the repeater is down at this time until further notice.  We’ll let you know when its back online.


Kent, KL5T