Anchorage Hamfest – Holy Smoke!

“So, when is Anchorage gonna have a hamfest?”

Wow, have I heard that question A LOT over the past couple of years! 

YES!  It is about time we had a hamfest.  Geez!  We used to have them every year!  What the heck has been going on?

Well, the truth is we haven’t had a “champion” for the event.  We’ve been so darn busy over the last couple years, especially with the work it took to get INTO the Radio Science and Operations Center, or RSOC (that took a year to negotiate), and to then actually make the move and get the place tooled up and organized (that’s been the last 2 years), our core volunteer cadre and board members have just been tapped.

So now it’s time.  It’s been too darn long.  We need it.  Everybody wants it.  But who is going to coordinate it?  Who can make it happen?

That’s the reason for this post.  To try to find someone who can lead the charge, take the bull by the horns, and get it done!  After all, we have a great place to do it…. the RSOC!

So, this is the plea.  We ask the organizer deep down inside you to rise up and speak out, to scream at the top of your lungs, “Me! Yes, I’m the one!  I’ll do it!”

And that person won’t have to go it alone.  You’ll get plenty of help.  We have some ideas that might be helpful.  We’ve got plenty of gear to sell.  We’ve got the needed space for others to sell their gems.  We can have food.  We can have speakers.  We can have vendors.  We can have VE testing.  We can have demonstrations.  We can put people on the radio.  We can have a transmitter hunt.  We can work some DX.  We can check into nets.  We can help program radios.  We can do many, many things at our hamfest.  It just needs to be organized.

So, I’m hoping you feel like getting motivated and stepping up.  Go ahead.  Give us a call.  Drop us an e-mail.  Stop in during a Working Wednesday or Saturday, or a Board meeting, or a membership meeting.  You can do it.  You want to do it.  You need to do it.  Gheez…. now even I’m getting excited!

So, seriously, please drop us an e-mail at, or give a call and leave a message at 907.345.0719.  We’ll get back to you right away to help get the ball rolling.

Thanks much for suffering through this exciting message!


Kent, KL5T