Another Big Working Wednesday Turnout!

Wow!  Yet another BIG turnout for Working Wednesday.  Three weeks in a row 10-15 folks showing up to partake in the many project efforts.  We did everything from checking into the Sniper’s Net, ran a piece of formal NTS traffic, fixed a mesh network problem, worked some satellites, made adjustments to the KX3 HF radio to ensure proper drive to the HF amp, pickup back rack wiring work, equipment inventory and organization, show and tell on a little SDR unit, received a payment for membership dues on our new Square Reader, and even signed up a new club member who lives in San Diego.  I don’t think that even covers it all! 

Great to see everybody out and engaged!  Wow, we might get the place in order before you know it!

Thanks to everyone who was there.

Be sure to check out our “Projects – We Need Your Help and Ideas!” page to learn about how you might get involved at the clubhouse.


Kent, KL5T