AREDN Mesh Network “MeshChat” Logins Added to South Central Simplex Net

There will be a new addition to the South Central Simplex Net tonight. Remember, the net starts at 1900L on 146.52 FM.  Check-ins will be taken on a function called “MeshChat” over our club’s AREDN Mesh Network.

If you aren’t familiar with the Mesh network, if covers most of Anchorage with two critical

ANMC online – AREDN node management screen proves it!

hillside nodes and a node on Site Summit. Providence Alaska Medical Center, Alaska Native Medical Center, the RSOC, the Alaska Search and Rescue Association (ASARA), the Anchorage Senior Center, the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC), and the Elmendorf Amateur Radio Society’s (EARS) clubhouse on JBER are a few sites on the Mesh. We even have a station linked in Yentna via a 49-mile shot to Site Summit. Anyone can get onto the Mesh if they can get “line-of-site” to any other Mesh node.

If you happen to be able to get onto the Mesh, simply access your local node with a browser at a URL of “localnode:8080”. When your node responds, select “Mesh Status”. When the list of nodes appears, look for “AKMeshChat”. Click on any of the listings for AKMeshChat the log in with your callsign at the prompt. The rest should be self-explanatory.

To learn what type of gear you might need to get onto the mesh network, you can check out, or search our website for info. To speak with someone about the mesh, send an email to

Please note: The Anchorage AREDN Mesh Network is a very, very important part of our emergency communications infrastructure. It is basically a wide area network that performs many tasks for us.

See you on the Mesh.


Kent Petty, KL5T
Mesh Network Coordinator