RSOC Linked to AARC Anchorage MESH

Today, Richard Tweet, KL2AZ, and Kent Petty, KL5T, installed MESH gear at Anchorage International Airport’s former Fire Station 2 building.  This facility lies just to the northwest of the intersection of the East/West and North/South runways.

This install provides connectivity between the RSOC and the greater Anchorage MESH network.  Gear installed included a Ubiquiti M3 RocketDish (3.4 GHz) pointing to our Hillside nodes, a Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5 dish (5.8 GHz) pointing to the RSOC, and a NetGear switch to link the two nodes together.  Signal levels and throughput are very good.

This connectivity will allow re-establishment of services that have been offline since we moved from our Rowan Street clubhouse to the RSOC.

Please stop by the RSOC on Working Wednesdays, daytime on Saturdays, or during club meetings to learn more.


Kent, KL5T