Inaugural Run of Club Challenge Coins – SOLD OUT!

Hi all,

The complete batch of 100 inaugural club challenge coins has been sold out! Only Coin #001 and #100 are still in hand, and they will be placed on permanent display at the RSOC.

We hope to create a new set of coins each year going forward, again, 100 coins each year, but a unique coin for each year. Effectively, this would be an annual sort of fundraiser for the club. All future coin runs will have the year of their run on the coin. Likely, the rear of the coin will remain unchanged but the front of the coin, in addition to having the year indicated, will have a different color scheme and maybe some other differences in the design elements. If you’d like to be involved in designing the front of the next coin, please contact We hope to get this moving right away.

While we are at it, there are some cool AARC/RSOC branded wares on our Cafepress store. I particularly like the hoodies…very well made. Maybe some more Christmas presents???
Here’s a link:

Happy holidays!