Fundraising Appeal – Giving Tuesday

Dear AARC Members and Supporters,

This Giving Tuesday, we’re reaching out to our incredible community to support the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (AARC) and our pivotal project, the Radio Science and Operations Center (RSOC). Since 1947, AARC has been a central hub for amateur radio enthusiasts and public service, with over 280 dedicated members.

 Your Impact on the RSOC
 Your contributions are vital for:

  • Maintaining and Enhancing the RSOC: Your support helps us sustain and improve this critical facility, fostering innovation and learning in radio science.
  • Public Service and Safety: The RSOC plays a key role in our commitment to public service and safety, offering auxiliary communications and training to various groups and civil authorities.
  • Community and Educational Outreach: Through the RSOC, we engage in numerous community activities and educational programs, spreading the knowledge and joy of amateur radio.

Your Donation is Tax-Deductible
As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your donation to AARC is tax-deductible. This provides you with tax benefits while supporting a cause that impacts the community significantly.

How to Donate
Please visit our website to make your tax-deductible donation. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference.

Join and Participate
Consider joining our monthly meetings and weekly events like the South Central Simplex Net to stay engaged with the AARC community.

Together, Let’s Support AARC and the RSOC
Your support on Giving Tuesday will empower us to continue our legacy in amateur radio and public service. We are grateful for your generosity and commitment.

Warm regards,

Anchorage Amateur Radio Club / Radio Science and Operations Center