Glen Alps Repeaters Inoperative

By: Kent Petty
Written: 10/30/2021

Since the last big snowstorm about a week or so ago in Anchorage, the Glen Alps repeaters (146.94-, 224.94-, and 444.7+) have been inoperative. A site visit yesterday revealed that all three repeaters were without power. It appears that there was likely a major power surge on the AC lines or a lightning strike. The 2-meter and 440 repeaters’ DC power supplies input fuses were blown. The 220 repeater operates on AC, and its AC input fuse was also blown. Attempts to replace the fuses were futile as the new fuses blow immediately in all three machines.

At this point, it seems as though the 220 machine is likely a lost cause (or at least needs major repairs or replacement). The jury is out on the 2-meter and 440 machines. We hope to try to swap in new DC power supplies on those 2 machines today and with luck, they will come back to life.

We will keep you posted.