Update – Glen Alps Repeaters 2-Meter and 440 MHz Online

By: Kent Petty
Written: 10/30/2021

Since the last big snowstorm about a week or so ago in Anchorage, the Glen Alps repeaters (146.94-, 224.94-, and 444.7+) have been inoperative. A site visit revealed that all three repeaters were without power. It appears that there was likely a major power surge on the AC lines, or a lightening strike.

The 2-meter and 440 MHz repeaters were repaired today by replacing the external 12 VDC power supplies; they were both fried. Unfortunately, the 220 MHz machine is powered directly on AC and it is down for the count. We’ve removed it to the RSOC for a closer look, but don’t have high hopes.

The good news is that the 2-meter and 440 Mhz machines are indeed back online. If we are able to get the 220 machine back up we will let you know.