How to Keep Tabs on the AARC / RSOC

What are the various ways we attempt to keep our members informed about the ongoings of the club and maybe other interesting topics related to amateur radio?  Well, we’ve got more than one!  Let me list the ways!

  1. General Membership Meetings:  Held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7 pm.  If it weren’t for COVID-19, we’d be having these meetings in-person at the RSOC.  Until COVID-19 resolves, we’re holding these meetings via ZOOM.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 7.  Go to the club’s website to get the Zoom link.  You can find our calendar listed on our main webpage at, but you can go directly to our calendar at
  2. Monthly Newsletters: If you are a club member, you should be receiving our monthly newsletter via e-mail when it publishes.  If you are a member and you are NOT receiving the monthly newsletter via e-mail, please let us know at  Of course, ANYONE can find our current and archived newsletters on our website at
  3. Webpage: Lot’s of information is located on our webpage.  The home page is located at
  4. Blog Posts: We put out blog posts on our website.  These can be found on our home page on the website at, or directly at  Typically, our blog posts also get inserted in our newsletter and are also “pushed” out to our Facebook and Twitter pages.  More on Facebook and Twitter below.
  5. Facebook: Our Facebook page is located at  As mentioned above, most activity is related to blog posts we put out, but there is some other action if you are into that sort of thing!  We have 344 followers.
  6. Twitter: Yes, we have a Twitter account, @AnchorageARC.  Our blog posts show up there for sure.  Right now we have 42 followers.
  7. KL7AA Reflector: What does the reflector do? Well, if you send an e-mail to it from your registered e-mail address, that message will be distributed to the 151 current subscribers on the list! It’s a great way to get info out to the group, and a great way to keep up with some of the current happenings.  Further, as a registered member of the list, you can get a list of the other registered members (well, at least those who don’t opt to conceal their identity in the options), can set the system to give you daily messages, and set a number of other options.

To join the reflector go to

There, you can subscribe and get started. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but if you need help, give us a shout at

Happy New Year!