Our Internet Vulnerabilities – Why We Need to Maintain our non-Internet-Based Communications Systems

The CBS News Sunday morning 1/3/2021 episode contains a piece by Ted Koppel about our cyber vulnerabilities, specifically, the cybersecurity threats posed by the alleged Russian hack of SolarWinds.  Among those he interviews is the former Director of the NSA, Keith Alexander.  In this story, the vulnerabilities to our government and industrial complex by Russia and other U.S. adversaries to cyberwarfare, both from an espionage perspective and an attack perspective are discussed.

This story highlights yet another reason for us to maintain our communications capabilities that don’t rely on internet connectivity.  Here is a link to the story which is presented from 4:00 to 14:25 in the video:

We need to keep our amateur radio, SHARES, MARS, and other capabilities in place to back up our high-tech communications networks.  This means we need to continue to practice, to keep our nets active, to keep our own equipment and systems current and updated, etc.

This is but one of many articles and reports on this issue, I just happened to catch this one this morning as I was enjoying the coffee and thought it might be worth highlighting and sharing.