Let’s Man the RSOC!

A long-term goal for our awesome Radio Science and Operations Center is to man operations floor 24 hours per day.  Whoa!  That’s a tall order!

To get this rolling, we can start in a limited way by having someone on-duty each evening to participate in the evening state-wide and local nets.  If you are a general or extra class operator, would you be willing to help?  This, of course, would include checking into the Sniper’s Net, the Bush Net, and the Motley Net on HF, maybe linking with AL7N on CW for the Alaska CW net, and then participating in the various VHF/UHF nets that take place throughout the week.

If you have an interest in taking a shift of shifts, are willing to get trained up on the current equipment capabilities, and just want to have some fun, please let us know.

Drop me a line at so we can talk more about how you can help.

Thanks and 73,

Kent, KL5T