New Anchorage ARC VEC Chairman Takes Reins

I am proud to announce that the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club has selected and approved a new Chairman for the Anchorage ARC VEC program. Brandin Hess, AL6I has been chosen to take over the program. His dedication to the amateur radio service, attention to detail, and drive to find solutions that fit everyone’s individual needs are key to ensuring success of our VEC program for many years to come.

Effective today, June 11, 2019, I have the honor of passing leadership of this program to my successor. I am confident in his willingness to take this on and to be an excellent representative of our program going forward. I appreciate the incredible amount of patience he has exhibited during this transition and his drive to even motivate me on more than one occasion!  Brandin and I will work together over the coming weeks to make updates to our website to reflect this change.  I also fully expect that Brandin will have some fresh ideas to give our VEC web pages some needed updates!

It has been a pleasure serving as the Chairman of the Anchorage ARC VEC over the past few years. I will remain involved with the program, and look forward to working with our new Chairman going forward!


Kent Petty, KL5T
Chairman, Anchorage ARC VEC (retired)