Pickup Tires – A Little Over Half-Way There

By Kent Petty, KL5T

Our target is $1,500 for tire replacement on the Ford F350 pickup is a bit over halfway met.  To date we’ve raised a total of $800; most has come from GoFundMe, but another contribution outside of GoFundMe.  See our original post.

As a reminder, the tires are in very bad condition (at least one is virtually bald), and at least one other will not hold air.  It is just not safe and really precludes our ability to deploy our power/tower trailers.

If you have already contributed – THANK YOU!  Please tell your friends as well to please help us out.

If you haven’t yet contributed, please consider giving us a boost to get the rest of the way there.  Here are a couple ways to do it:

Or donate here:  (be sure to say you want your contribution put towards the tire purchase)

A new set of tires (including a good spare) should last us as long as we own the pickup!

Happy Holidays!