Anchorage ARC VEC expands remote testing outside Alaska

We have been contacted quite frequently over the past few months with requests to conduct amateur radio examinations sessions remotely in locations in the Lower 48 and one in Canada.  Most of the folks requesting these sessions had legitimate reasons for making those requests in that testing sessions aren’t offered at all or on a very infrequent basis in their local areas, or the distance to travel to a testing session was extreme.

We believe that we have a legitimate reason to try to help folks in these situations take their examinations.  To that end, on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 I requested permission from the AARC Board of Directors to expand our remote testing program to areas outside of Alaska.  The Board unanimously approved my request.  This expansion, which could be the biggest in our VEC history, allows for remote testing to take place anywhere within the United States and even Canada.

For a remote testing session to be given, a process has been created which requires the applicant to explore all possibilities for reasonable on-site testing opportunities before we will approve and undertake the remote examination process.  As part of the process, the applicant will be asked several questions to help determine eligibility.  If the VEC Chairman determines there is merit in the request, approval will be given to the applicant followed by instructions for them to find an eligible examination proctor.

The application for remote testing has been published and can be viewed by clicking HERE.  We are proud to expand our testing capabilities and look forward to leading the charge to provide a service to those who are under served!

Brandin S. Hess – AL6I
Chairman, Anchorage ARC VEC