Anchorage ARC VEC Conducts Remote Tests in Afghanistan!

In its effort to serve U.S. personal deployed overseas, the Anchorage ARC VEC administered its first remote examination in Afghanistan on April 26, 2020.  John Moore was our examinee and Ryan Lamb was our proctor at the session conducted at Bagram, Afghanistan.  Volunteer examiners (VEs) were Kent Petty (KL5T in Alaska), TJ Sheffield (KL7TS in Alaska), Joel Perry (KN4EWI in North Carolina), and our VEC Chairman, Brandin Hess (AL6I in New Brunswick)

John attacked the examination series and knocked out both Element 2 (Technician) and Element 3 (General) written examinations without fail.  He was promptly issued his new General callsign, KI5IUU.  We have great hope that John will get on the air from this rare and popular DX location!  Congratulations John, and thank you Ryan for being willing to become credentialed as a proctor to help out John.

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (Anchorage ARC VEC) is committed to our active-duty service personnel as well as DoD civilians stationed overseas who wish to obtain or upgrade their U.S. amateur radio license. We know that our updated remote testing service, hinging on the use of our state-of-the-art web-based testing platform and a vetted on-site proctor, is a perfect solution to a very real need.  We look forward to serving other U.S. personnel around the world with our service!


Kent Petty, KL5T