FCC Provides Updated Guidance to Anchorage ARC VEC for Proctors

The Anchorage Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (Anchorage ARC VEC) received updated guidance from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) effective Monday, 5/12/2020.  The new guidance applies to HAM radio operators who are identified as proctor nominees by examinees.

Under the new guidance, the prospective proctor who is a HAM must be a General Class, Advanced Class, or Extra Class license holder.  In addition to completing the proctor application/agreement, they must provide the Anchorage ARC VEC with an ink-signed copy of their FCC OFFICIAL LICENSE.  Novice and Technician Class license holders are still prohibited from being proctors.

This is a striking change to the previous guidance we had received from the FCC’s General Counsel.  Under the previous guidance, those with HAM licenses had to ALSO become accredited as Volunteer Examiners (VEs) in the Anchorage ARC program.  This new policy eases the burden considerably for those HAMS who wish to be proctors for our remote testing program.

The Anchorage ARC VEC is working to update all paperwork to reflect this change, but the policy is in effect immediately.

Anchorage ARC VEC