RSOC Closer to Big Mesh Connection

On Tuesday, June 28, TJ, KL7TS and Kent, KL5T installed the RSOC mesh node that will ultimately lead to connection to the Anchorage area larger MESH.  We installed a Ubiquiti PowerBeam M5-300 at about 35 feet up the AB-105 tower on the north side of the RSOC operations area.  This 5-GHz unit will link to another node located at the Anchorage Int’l Airport’s old Fire Station 2.  From there, an M3, 3.4 GHz RocketDish will link to one of our Hillside nodes to make the big mesh connection. 

We expect to install the needed gear at Fire Station 2 sometime next week.

Our AREDN-based mesh network is focused on emergency communications.  It currently has chat services, links Winlink RMS nodes, has VOIP telephone service, video feeds, file sharing, and allows us remote access to a number of club computers at served agencies.

If you’d like to learn more about our mesh network, send an e-mail to,


Kent, KL5T