APRS – Anchorage / Mat-Su In Need of Several Digipeaters

We’ve conducted a review of APRS activity in the Anchorage / Mat-Su Valley areas.  The review included analysis of activity directly detected on the KL7AA-10 Digipeater / I-Gate located on the Anchorage Hillside, the KL7AIR-10 Digipeater / I-Gate located at the EARS Club Station on Elmendorf AFB, and on the KL7JFU-4 Digipeater.  Findings indicate what most APRS users in the area already know, but this review verifies those thoughts.  The data includes APRS activity from October 1 – October 24, 2017.

The following images were pulled from the website.  Each reflects APRS beacons heard DIRECTLY by the station indicated.  Areas shaded in DARK RED reflect more packets heard in those areas.  Areas with no shading indicate no packets heard. 

Figure 1: KL7AA-10 Digipeater / I-Gate


Figure 2: KL7AIR-10 Digipeater / I-Gate


Figure 3: KL7JFU-4 Digipeater


The data suggest that the following areas have a need for APRS Digipeater placement.  Areas are listed from south/east to north/west:

  1. Hope
  2. Portage – Girdwood – Indian
  3. Eagle River Valley
  4. South Birchwood – Eklutna
  5. Eklutna – Junction Glenn / Parks Highways
  6. Palmer
  7. Pittman Road – Big Lake – Houston (west of Wasilla)

If you live in one of these areas, have a 2-meter radio and Kantronics KPC-3+ TNC, you have the ability to put up an APRS digipeater.  If you live in one of the indicated areas, don’t have this equipment, but are willing to host an APRS digipeater, we probably have equipment needed to deploy to your location to help with coverage.  If you have your own gear and are willing to set up an APRS digipeater, or you are simply willing to host an APRS digipeater, please contact Kevin Opalka, KL2NV at to coordinate activation or assembly of a station.

Thanks for being willing to help out our APRS effort!


Kent, KL5T